California Baby

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Parents who take pride in their children's hair have the option of buying California Baby shampoo, which, according to manufacturers, protects hair from the sun's harmful rays and makes it more manageable. This special shampoo has a calming lavender scent that makes babies smell as cute as they look. The ingredients are entirely natural, making the shampoo both effective and safe for children.

Benefits of California Baby Products

Willow, coffee extract, and pansy combine to thwart the sun's ultraviolet rays. Moreover, the natural oils soak into hair, untangling knots and making it soft. This formula does not interact with any chemicals and is entirely safe to use on treated hair.

This product is not intended solely for children. Adults can use California Baby shampoo to prevent split-end damage. The perfume and the softening oils contained in this shampoo are appropriate for adult hair as well.

California Baby can be used on both dry and wet hair. The manufacturer says this product does not attract dust or dirt into the hair; some oil-based shampoos create stickiness onto which dust attaches itself. To manage curly hair, consumers should use California Baby conditioner in conjunction with the shampoo.

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