Children's Vitamins

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Many kids cringe at the first mention of foods like broccoli, spinach, and cauliflower. Unfortunately, these foods are all loaded with the vitamins and minerals that are so essential to growth and overall health. Wouldn't it be fun for all ages if candy and ice cream were the foods that contained all the nutrients we needed? Children's vitamins were invented to taste good, which makes healthy eating enjoyable for kids and painless for adults.

Children's vitamins are usually chewable and come in flavors like black cherry. Depending on the brand, kids eat one or two vitamins each day. These small candy-like tablets contain all the vitamins and minerals children need. Of course, vitamins aren't replacements for vegetables, which contain fibers and antioxidants that most vitamin pills lack.

Still, parents who give their kids vitamins each day don't have to worry about forcing certain foods down their kids' throats. A child who doesn't like carrots, for example, can always have a different kind of vegetable and still get his vitamin A from his vitamin pills. This makes nutrition less of a war between parents and their kids.

Warning on Children's Vitamins

One possible danger of children's vitamins is they taste too good. Vitamins should never be mistaken for candy. The phrase, "Caught with your hand stuck in the cookie jar," refers to a childlike tendency to eat more junk food than one's mother would like. Kids who try to eat more vitamins than necessary may become violently ill. Vitamins should always be administered by adults and left out of children's reaches.

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