Enzymatic Therapy

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Enzymatic Therapy makes products designed for people who want more energy, improved digestive comfort, and cardio health. They also have a product line geared exclusively towards women's health. They note that medical professionals formulate all of their products. Enzymatic Therapy provides customers with reasonable and realistic health tips.

For example, Enzymatic Therapy does not claim taking their products always leads to cardiovascular health. Their program involves eating right and exercise. Heart-healthy diets consist of plenty of fiber. People who do not currently eat enough fiber should phase it into their diets gradually. Foods high in saturated fat are also unhealthy for people's hearts. People who swear by the Atkins Diet may be saddened by the news that eating pounds of bacon is, after all, unhealthy.

Ideal foods for heart-conscious dieters include natural peanut butter and avocados, which may be high in total fat content but are relatively low in saturated fat. These foods are also high in fiber. Other ideal foods include dark, leafy vegetables, wheat germ, and low-fat dairy foods.

Enzymatic Therapy Products and Energy Levels

The company's energy products increase energy levels by providing the body with over 50 vitamins and minerals. The company says these nutrients combine with natural enzymes taken from plants and animals to improve people's energy during the day and ability to fall asleep at night. The manufacturer claims that people begin seeing results after a few weeks.

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