Immune System Boosters

Written by Gregg Ruais
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The human body's collective defense mechanisms against viruses, infections, and harmful bacteria make up the immune system. People who have weak immune systems get sick more often and take longer to recover from illnesses. Without an immune system, people would pass away from contracting common colds and other mild sicknesses.

Any time an antigen enters the human body, the immune system wages war against it in order to preserve the host's life. This internal struggle results in chemical changes in the body, making people feel symptoms. Coughs, sneezes, and runny noses are all results of the immune system warding off sickness.

Illness Prevention Using the Right Supplements

While all this occurs completely involuntarily, people can prevent some illnesses by supporting their immune systems with the right foods and supplements. Vitamin C, zinc, echinacea, and Earthrise Spirulina are just a few of the nutrients people can take to build stronger defense systems. The body uses these nutrients to create disease fighting cells.

For best results, people should use immune system boosters all year instead of waiting for symptoms. The immune system kills many viruses before people even feel sick, which is the optimal result. In addition to eating right, people can see their doctors for vaccination shots. Shots are actually injections of dead viruses that prepare people's bodies for living antigens.

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