Men's Vitamins

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Men's vitamins make it easy to intake 100 percent of the recommended daily allowances for all the vitamins and minerals men need. Before buying vitamin supplements, men should always read the nutrition information on the backs of labels. Many products do not contain all the nutrients, and knowing what certain supplements lack gives people the opportunity to buy additional supplements that make up for those deficiencies.

Some liquid vitamins, for example, contain very little calcium or magnesium. People who take these supplements should know about this. If a person doesn't realize that the product he is using lacks these minerals, he could possibly think he's getting everything he needs. A lack of calcium results in weak bones and possibly even osteoporosis.

Vitamins Men Need

A nationwide survey has shown that most men's diets include sufficient vitamin intake aside from vitamin B-6 and vitamin E, and a large number of men do take some form of supplementation. Vitamin B-6 can be consumed through eggs, meat, and nuts. Vitamin E predominantly comes from leafy vegetables, whole grain cereals, and eggs.

The vitamin-B family is said to improve overall energy levels in men. People who often exercise should make sure they receive all the essential vitamins, especially those from the B family. Vitamin C promotes a healthy immune system. Taking sufficient vitamin E facilitates healthy skin, and vitamin A is good for people's eyes.

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