Nature's Plus

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Nature's Plus makes products intended to help cure or prevent certain health problems. These are natural remedies and are best used as preventative measures rather than cures. For example, their immunity products yield best results when taken year round as opposed to after symptoms occur.

Nature's Plus makes snack bars derived from wholly organic foods, like sun dried raisins, almond butter, and roasted soybeans. They use recipes and formulas from around the world, combining American medical research with herbal remedies from the Far East. This company also makes low-carb drinks that include nutrients from the fruits and vegetables many people avoid due to their Atkins or South Beach diets.

Popular Nature's Plus Products

One of their most popular product lines is their collection of women's nutritional supplements. This includes vitamin packages that cater to female needs, including plenty of iron, vitamin E, vitamin C, and much more. Some supplements are intended to boost the female sex drive; they contain various natural herbs and niacin, or vitamin B-3.

Other products include antioxidants, digestive helpers, and formulas that help prevent and cure urinary tract infections. There are approximately a dozen product categories, and each category includes many selections, each of which caters to different nutritional needs and goals. Bodybuilders, seniors, and people trying to lose weight can all find different supplements that can improve their health.

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