New Chapter

Written by Gregg Ruais
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New Chapter is a small company that produces health supplements from organically grown foods. They take pride in their social responsibility. They grow all their foods on an organic farm near the Children's Rain Forest in Costa Rica. The primary owners of New Chapter are two men, both of whom have published several books on herbal medicine.

What's Inside New Chapter Products?

Their supplements contain no chemicals or solvents. The nutrients, derived exclusively from their own farm, are packed naturally. Many other companies make vitamin and mineral pills containing binders, which the human body cannot fully digest. In some cases, vitamins never fully dissolve. Pill fragments make their way through the excretion system, and sometimes even get stuck in people's intestines or colons.

People who read the labels on New Chapter products can see that the ingredients are entirely natural. Lemon peel, parsley, blackberry, and other organic foods are all that's inside. Even the capsules are made from vegetables.

This company creates several product lines, like antioxidants, anti-aging formulas, and vegetable pills. Vegetable tablets consist entirely of vegetables, providing people with concentrated phytochemicals and vitamins. New Chapter makes sports supplements that improve physical and mental endurance. This company also makes women's products, teas, aloe concoctions, and dozens more items.

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