Vitamin Supplements

Written by Gregg Ruais
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While vitamin supplements have proven to be an effective means of attaining all the vitamins people need in their diets, people still have to be careful about what they put in their bodies. For example, it's wrong and dangerous to assume that taking more of a vitamin will always yield better results. Sometimes the opposite is true. For example, when taken in excess, vitamin A can actually become toxic.

Moreover, many water-soluble vitamins are simply washed out when people take too much. By taking double and triple doses, people actually just waste money. They run out of supplements faster than they need to.

Consumer Information on Vitamin Supplements

Consumers also have to watch out for supplements that have expired. All vitamin jars should have expiration dates printed on them. Before buying vitamins at retail stores, people should check the dates to make sure they don't buy expired goods. When ordering products on the Internet, consumers should keep their receipts, check the dates after they receive their vitamins, and send them back if they have expired.

Some companies say that their products are superior because they are all natural. However, little research suggests any ill effects of synthetic vitamins. Internet shoppers should keep in mind that while vitamin supplements do have health benefits, they have not been proven to cure any diseases or illnesses.

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