Calcium Pyruvate

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Calcium pyruvate is an ingredient found in some fat burners. Pyruvate has been the subject of studies that are attempting to determine its role in weight loss. What these studies have found is that this naturally-occurring substance plays a role in the metabolizing of energy in the body. Adding it to fat burning formulas is thought to increase the rate at which the body burns fat.

Calcium Pyruvate and the Kreb's Cycle

Pyruvate is a derivative of pyruvic acid, a key compound involved in the conversion of sugar into energy. The process by which this is accomplished is called the Kreb's cycle. In the Kreb's cycle, glucose (sugar derived from carbohydrates) is turned into a form of energy called ATP. ATP makes it possible for muscles to function, particularly during strenuous exercise. Providing the body with increased levels of pyruvate is thought to stimulate greater cellular activity during the Kreb's cycle, thus causing metabolism to rise. This leads to faster and more effective weight loss.

The importance of calcium pyruvate to athletes and those involved in strenuous exercise is well known. Many of these people swear by its ability to stimulate cellular respiration and therefore improve overall physical performance. Pyruvate is believed to transport glucose energy, or ATP, to the muscles faster and more efficiently. This gives the muscles a boost during times when they are asked to perform. Results are immediate, and side effects are reported to be minimal.

While there are no miracle weight loss and performance supplements on the market, calcium pyruvate shows promise as a safe and natural performance enhancer. As a substance produced in the body in small amounts, pyruvate is easily assimilated and processed by the cells, lessening the likelihood of unpleasant side effects. Those who want to avoid stimulants and fad diets may want to explore this natural approach to weight loss.

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