Diabetes Information

Written by Beth Hrusch
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There is a wealth of diabetes information available from health care professionals, books, the Internet, and other sources. Fortunately, much is known about this disease, which affects over 43 million Americans. Millions more have been diagnosed with pre-diabetic conditions, such as impaired glucose tolerance. Many of these people will develop diabetes at some point in time. The more information that one can get, the easier it will be to manage the disease for oneself or a loved one.

Diabetes Information Saves Lives

The exact factors involved in the onset of diabetes vary from person to person. However, diabetes is known to be a disease in which the body can either no longer make enough insulin to get glucose into the cells or the insulin that is made no longer does its job properly. Some known risk factors for this problem are being overweight, family history of diabetes, and smoking or overall poor health. When diabetes is diagnosed in children it is usually type-1 diabetes, which requires insulin injections.

In type-1 diabetes, patients can no longer produce their own insulin. Type-2 diabetes does not necessarily involve insulin, and can often be controlled with the use of a special diet and exercise. Diabetics with this type of diabetes can still produce insulin on their own, and just need to keep their glucose levels under control with the use of drugs and supplements. There is a lot of diabetes information out there, much of it pertaining to the many forms of treatment available.

Each individual must tailor a treatment to his or her needs. The first step to understanding this disease and its management is to seek out diabetes information wherever it is available. Natural remedies are one of the interesting options to try, and there are websites that contain the latest research for those who prefer to supplement their program with holistic methods.

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