Diabetes Treatments

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Diabetes treatments include all of the medications and devices that diabetics need to take care of themselves. Once diagnosed, a diabetic is given access to a wealth of information and instructions on how to manage the disease. The tools with which to do this are crucial parts of the daily routine. Syringes, insulin, glucose meters, and supplements must be used in concert with a diabetic diet and exercise program in order to achieve the best results.

Diabetes Treatments Help Manage the Disease

Since food has the biggest impact on blood sugar levels, a special diet is usually prescribed to diabetics. Often, this diet will include the taking of medicines and supplements at certain times of day. Medicines designed to lower glucose levels and stimulate the production of insulin can help handle the glucose that is metabolized from food in the body. Regular exercise sheds unnecessary pounds and, when done in conjunction with a good diet, will relieve the body of the stress of carrying fat.

Glucose monitoring is another important diabetes treatment. There are several tests, many of which can be done at home by the patient. The doctor will want to do a test called a hemoglobin A-1-c at regular intervals. This test determines how well the diabetic is controlling the disease over one to two month's time. At-home test kits and strips, insulin syringes (if necessary), lancets, and orthotic supplies for those with circulatory problems are life-saving tools that may alert the patient to potential problems early enough to take effective action.

The health and well-being of the patient is dependent upon having the right diabetes treatments available for at-home care. This allows the patient to keep diabetes under control through the constant monitoring of blood sugar levels, and minimizes trips to the doctor. Regular testing by a nurse or doctor knowledgeable in this disease is the other part of the equation. This will ensure that the management program is working and the patient is as healthy as possible.

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