Ephedra Free

Written by Amy Hall
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Ephedra free is what you want to hear when you are looking at herbal weight loss supplements to shed pounds. Ephedra is an herbal supplement that has commonly been used in weight loss aids to help people lose excess body fat and gain more energy. However, this herb has gotten a great deal of bad publicity in recent years, due to the link between ephedra use and heart problems.

In fact, some high profile cases linked the death of athletes to the use of ephedra. This herb can cause serious complications, even in what would appear to be a healthy person. Such side effects can include: high blood pressure, cardiac stimulation, nervousness, insomnia, tremors, poor digestion, and heart disease. Ephedra stimulates the nervous system and suppresses appetite, which is why dieters have turned to this drug for weight loss.

Ephedra Free Diet Aids for Safety

If you are like a lot of Americans these days, you want to shed some excess weight that has crept up on you over time. It seems that the problem of obesity really plagues Americans, both young and old, more than many other countries. The theory behind this is that we are much more sedentary, as we sit at the computer longer or watch television on the couch more instead of going outside to play.

We eat at fast food restaurants because we are always on the go, with little time to sit down to a nutritious meal. The end result is that we are a nation that is getting fatter each passing year. A natural weight loss product, which is ephedra free, can help you gain an edge when trying to lose weight. Just remember, you also need to eat a balanced diet and get regular exercise to keep the weight off permanently.

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