Fast Weight Loss

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Fast weight loss can be achieved by several methods. Some, it is agreed, are safer and more effective than others. In general, fad diets that promise overnight results using extreme measures should be avoided. The reason for this is that, while there may be some scientific data supporting the weight loss claims of some of these diets, the formulations and/or instructions for using them may be faulty. A grapefruit diet, for example, has some benefits for most people given the fact that grapefruit is good for the body. However, grapefruit alone or in large quantities is not sufficient to provide the nutrients one needs and may even cause harmful side effects.

The Safe Way to Fast Weight Loss

Given the enormous amount of data on weight loss in general, it's hard for the average person to decide what diet is best for him or her. The temptation is to try extreme measures to achieve quick, extreme results. Most experts agree, though, that the best way to set oneself on the path to better long-term health is to start a sensible diet and exercise regimen. Both diet and exercise will quickly increase energy levels and improve overall health.

In addition to a healthy daily routine, supplements can be used to boost all of the systems of the body. Vitamins, minerals and herbal formulations designed to stimulate the metabolism and suppress appetite can be used safely to achieve fast weight loss. Certain herbs can help the body burn fat more quickly, and when used in conjunction with exercise, will increase thermogenesis (the creation of heat) to release fat from the cells where it is stored.

Anyone at risk for high blood pressure or who suffers from any heart condition should consult a doctor before using herbal fat burners. They contain ingredients that stimulate the heart and nervous system, and are therefore not appropriate for everyone. However, for most people, fast weight loss can be achieved with the use of these supplements and a healthy diet and exercise routine. This is a common sense approach to weight loss.

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