Fat Free Desserts

Written by Rylee Newton
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One of the best ways to maintain your current weight, or to maintain your weight loss, is to incorporate fat free desserts and other foods into your daily menus. Studies have shown that leading a low-fat lifestyle is conducive to a healthier heart, and greater energy levels. Just because you've gotten used to the taste of high-fat foods doesn't mean you can't get used to the many low-fat and no-fat options on the market today.

One of the most important things to consider when cooking for yourself and your family is the type of oil and fats you use for cooking. Most experts will tell you that healthy fats like olive oil are good for you in moderation. When you add a small amount of fat to your skillet during cooking, you help to ensure that your meals are moist. In addition, a small amount of fat in your diet helps to make you feel full while eating less food.

Lite and Lovely Desserts

People who are diabetic or are trying to lower their cholesterol levels need to concentrate on eating non-fat desserts. Diabetics need to also focus on eating sugar free or lower sugar snacks and desserts. It is good to make note of the fact that some non-fat desserts are high in sugar. When searching for snacks be sure to read the nutrition facts before purchasing the item. Just because you're watching your weight, or you're on a restricted diet, doesn't mean you can't enjoy tasty pies, cakes and ice cream. In fact, once you start eating these low fat alternatives, it's actually hard to go back to the high fat varieties.

If you visit your local grocery store or health food store you will find tons of different non-fat and low-fat products to choose from. One of my personal favorites is low fat frozen yogurt. You can find specialty flavors from the top ice cream companies with five grams of fat or less. These flavors help to keep you from feeling deprived of the good stuff, while providing you with a low fat alternative.

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