Fight Fat

Written by Beth Hrusch
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One can fight fat naturally with the use of supplements designed to work with the body's own natural processes. This approach is ideal because it minimizes the likelihood of side effects and allergic reactions that are not uncommon in synthetic and prescription weight loss pills. The body has its own way of ridding itself of unneeded fat and calories. Poor eating habits and lack of exercise throw this system out of whack. The body can be brought back into balance with the use of supplements that both burn fat and suppress hunger.

How Can I Fight Fat Naturally?

There are several answers to this question. Many people turn to supplements called "fat burners" when they want to start losing weight. Fat burners are made up of ingredients that basically work in three ways: they help break down body fat, suppress appetite, and block the absorption of fat. The first action is achieved by helping the body release fat from fat cells, allowing it to be transported to the muscles where it is then burned.

The second action involves a complex process of blocking the transmitters that signal hunger. The third action is often seen in weight loss supplements that contain fiber. Fiber slows down digestion and inhibits fat absorption. Other ingredients often found in supplements that fight fat are ephedrine, carnitine, chromium, and guarana. These natural and herbal sources affect each individual differently, but each plays a role in the burning of fat and suppression of hunger.

Whatever method is chosen to fight fat, it is important to do the research and determine which supplement is right for you. Those with diabetes, heart disease, or neurological disorders should consult a doctor before launching any weight loss program. All ingested substances carry with them the possibility of side effects and interactions with other drugs, and naturally occurring substances are no exception.

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