Ionized Silver

Written by Amy Hall
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Ionized Silver is a wonderful wellness product that can help your body fight off the affects of infections, colds, flus, and other common ailments. No one wants to get the flu and spend a week in bed with body aches, a fever, and chills. You know the drill, you can barely breathe because your nose is so stuffed up, your head is pounding, you are freezing one minute and on fire the next, and you are convinced that every muscle in your body is going into a spasm all at the same time!

Getting sick is simply not fun. But fortunately, there are some great natural health supplements that can take the bite out of the common cold or flu that can send you to bed for a week. The primary ingredient in Ionized Silver is Silver. It has been shown to act as a catalyst which disables the enzyme that is metabolized by common bacteria and fungi. Therefore, the cell is disabled, meaning it can not produce the illness from the causative agent.

Fight Off Illness with Ionized Silver

There have been extensive tests done on this supplement, and conclusively it shows that destructive bacteria and fungus organisms are killed within minutes of contact with the Silver. There are some other steps you can take to fight off illness and disease, in addition to using this supplement. First, a multi-vitamin can really help supply your body with the essential nutrients it needs, as well as the antioxidants that fight off cancer-causing free radicals in the cells.

Second, a balanced diet can provide the body with energy and endurance that a vitamin alone can not. Combining a healthy diet with exercise and stress management techniques can also help you fight off bacterial and fungal infections. When you keep your stress level down, you are able to sleep better and function with a clearer mind.

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