Lose Weight While You Sleep

Written by Amy Hall
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You may be wondering if it is possible to lose weight while you sleep. Well, the answer to this question is yes, provided you do certain things. In other words, the only way to really burn fat around the clock is to boost your metabolism, which is responsible for burning calories of the foods we ingest. You can raise your metabolism in a couple of ways that will make it possible for you to lose weight even when you are sleeping.

First and foremost, the most effective way to boost your metabolism is through regular exercise. A well-rounded exercise regime should include cardiovascular exercise as well as strength training exercises that are performed three to five days per week. You may want to mix things up a bit to fight boredom by including various workouts into your exercise sessions. For instance, you may wish to go running two days a week, and then take spinning classes the other three days per week.

Adding resistance training to your program will increase your metabolism even more. You could try 30 minutes of weight bearing exercises three times per week in addition to your cardiovascular workouts. What you will notice over time is that your energy level will increase, your quality of sleep will improve, and your body will begin to shed unwanted fat. Slowly but surely, you will also begin to see sleek, toned muscles begin to emerge from underneath the fat layers that are dissolving through exercise.

You Can Lose Weight While You Sleep

Once your metabolism begins to rise, it stays elevated around the clock, which means your body is still burning calories even while you sleep. If you have noticed that you are not losing weight as quickly as you should be considering the amount of exercise you do, you may wish to introduce a natural supplement to your diet that can help. There is a big difference between the various diet pills on the market, with some of these over-the-counter weight loss pills being downright bad.

Cheap diet pills contain many synthetic and natural substances that can make you jittery, cause headaches, and may even induce anxiety and irritability problems. Ephedra is a natural herb that has been used for years in diet pills, but in recent years the FDA has yanked it off the market. There seems to be some connection between the use of ephedra and heart problems, which in some dieters can prove fatal. Even though ephedra is natural, it is still considered dangerous.

Many consumers hear the words, "all natural ingredients," and they assume the product is safe. It is imperative that you read a product's list of ingredients before taking any supplement that promises you can lose weight while you sleep. To truly be on the safe side, you might want to talk to your doctor about any over the counter weight loss aids you are considering taking.

Lose Weight While You Sleep with Safe Diet Supplements

Although there are not any wonder drugs out there that will transform your body overnight, there are some supplements that can help boost your metabolism naturally. Some lipotrophic diet pills help your body break down fat into smaller particles, which is more conducive to weight loss. The muscles use these small fat particles for energy during workouts, which means that your body sheds unwanted fat pounds faster. Look for products that contain GABA, Gamma Amino Butyric Acid, which is an amino acid responsible for promoting fat loss and improving quality of sleep. GABA does not cause the jitters or any other adverse side effects, so it is a beneficial ingredient in weight loss supplements.

GABA is also responsible for stimulating the pituitary gland to release more Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which is a hormone that helps burn fat. As we age, our HGH levels decline, which makes it harder for us to lose weight, even when we exercise regularly. Taking a supplement with GABA increases levels of HGH, thereby facilitating fat loss.>

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