Low Fat Desserts

Written by Rylee Newton
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Now more than ever before grocery stores are providing customers with a variety of low fat snack and dessert options. If you like the texture and flavor of traditional pudding, you might find the low fat varieties satisfying. The great thing about this dessert option is that it comes in prepackaged containers that help to control the amount you eat in a single serving.

Other great desserts for people looking for low fat alternatives include: frozen yogurt, popsicles and sorbet. You can find these items in the freezer aisle. I especially enjoy popsicles made with real fruit juice. The only drawback to these items is they often contain higher carb counts than many dieters prefer. If you're not sticking to a low carb diet, popsicles usually contain little to no fat.

Low Fat Desserts and Snacks

If you like desserts that are more salty than sweet, you can find a number of different brands of fat free potato chips. I particularly enjoy Lays fat free chips, and Pringles non-fat varieties. I also enjoy the combination of sweet and salty available in Quaker miniature rice cakes. I especially enjoy the caramel corn rice cakes.

If you're looking for a quick fix to curb your cravings for sweets you can't go wrong with hard candy and lollipops. You can even find sugar free candies if you want a lower calorie, lower carb alternative. These snacks take a while to eat, which is a great way to slow down that panicked feeling some of us get when we feel deprived of sweet tasting foods.

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