Natural Fat Burners

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Natural fat burners are ingredients found in many formulations designed to assist the body's own processes. They are classified as either stimulant or non-stimulant, and they work in basically two different ways to help the body get rid of fat. Lipotropic fat burners assist in the releasing of fat from the cells so that it can be used by the muscles to produce energy. Thermogenic fat burners increase body temperature in order to burn fat more effectively.

Natural Fat Burners and How They Work

Examples of lipotropic fat burners are carnitine, choline, inositol, and alpha lipoic acid. All work to release fat from cells so that it can be metabolized. In a way, this process can be called a detoxification of the body, which increases energy levels, removes fatty deposits from the liver and other vital organs, and lessens susceptibility to diseases such as cancer and high cholesterol.

Thermogenic natural fat burners work in a different way to rid the body of extra fat. Examples of this type of fat burner are ma huang, pyruvate, and citrus aurantium. Thermogenics increase internal body temperature by about one degree, speeding up the fat burning process so that the body can more efficiently use fat for energy. Substances that inhibit the absorption of fat are often part of fat burner formulas. They work with lipotropic and thermogenic fat burners to increase their effectiveness.

Fiber, chitosan, and chromium are three such substances. They also swell in the digestive tract, giving a sensation of being full for longer while slowing down digestion and cleaning out the colon. Natural fat burners can jump start a diet, and when taken in the proper dosages have minimal side effects. Stimulant ingredients such as ma huang and guarana should be avoided by those who are sensitive to caffeine.

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