Obesity Is A Sign Of Malnutrition

Written by bookcollector23
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Studies have shown that a deficiency of vitamin D can cause Obesity!`

More studies now confirm that obesity is a sign of malnutrition. Obesity, was once thought of as eating too much, is now understood by fitness experts ,that eating 6-8 times a day , instead of 3 times a day , will combat obesity!~ This in turn will keep the metabolism higher.
Green tea has been shown to raise metolism and burn calories to a small degree.
B-complex is also need for energy , especially b12.
Some reports are in saying that Fish oil and regular exercise with chromium will benefit obesity.
With the millions and millions of diets out there...,I must say it's confusing!~
Each diet promises something.
For instance, if a person goes on the High carb loading -with protein diet, they run the risk of diabetes.
If a person goes on the High protein "famous "-low carb diet they run the risk of magnesium deficiency and the risk of insomnia!`
Calcium ratio to magnesium ratio as 2 to 1, is often the perfect cure for insomnia!~
In my own experience, a glass of milk is not sufficient. It is a mere drop in the bucket when it comes to insomnia!~
Two calcium pills(Bought at any dollar store), and a glass of milk sweetened with honey perhaps, ALWAYS does the trick!~
I learned this after being up for 3 days straight!~ I was not going for a world's record!~lol
Also, these diets and the people that endorse them, well.....they are just trying to make a sale.The real cause of obesity and they way we look is genetics and our ancestors.
Still, eating right , exercising and taking vitamins with minerals is key!~
I am a strong believer in supplements and vitamins , as today's food has no nutritional value!!~
Another supplement that is great is "Spirulina"
It is a green algea food source....(sounds gross,) but it has amino acids, vitamins and minerals and is a great help with dieters as it has more protein than eggs!~ And no taste., so it's great to mix in meal replacements and shakes.

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