Propolene Side Effects

Written by Tara Peris
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Propolene side effects are difficult to discuss with any real accuracy. This is partly due to the fact that the product is relatively new, and clinical trials of its usefulness have yet to emerge, and partly because individual responses will vary. Nonetheless, there are some common themes that have started to emerge.

Perhaps the biggest concern is related to gas. Propolene diet pills come from Konjac root, which is used as a water-soluble fiber supplement. Some people who take fiber products such as Metamucil experience uncomfortable gas as a side effect. This doesn't necessarily make the product harmful, but it may prove to be a consideration for some.

Researching Propolene Side Effects
There have been very few other reports of Propolene side effects, and this suggests a promising future for the product. If formal clinical trials can support both the utility and safety of the product, it is sure to enjoy a prominent place in the diet product market. However, for now the best we can do is research the product via word of mouth and the Internet, and try to get a clear sense of

The best way to evaluate Propolene side effects is to talk to your doctor. Do not believe everything you hear on TV, as anyone can be paid to stand around in a lab coat. Side effects will depend on your pre-existing medical conditions as well as other medications that you currently take. Only a doctor can tell you about potentially harmful interactions with existing meds. Propolene can work for you, but you should be smart when starting any new diet program.

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