Written by Beth Hrusch
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What is pyruvate? This substance is a by-product of the metabolic process, created by the body and used by it to regulate the storage of fat. Studies have indicated that it may have an effect on how quickly the body burns fat. By increasing metabolism, this substance causes more heat to by generated within the body, a state called thermogenesis. When more heat is created, more fat is burned.

The Role of Pyruvate in the Body

While the part this substance plays in fat burning is not completely understood, there are a few things known about its role in the body. Pyruvic acid is made during the process of glucose metabolism. Glucose breaks down into pyruvic acid molecules in the end stages of its conversion into energy. Because of this fact, it is theorized that increased levels of pyruvic acid will help cells create more energy.

This increased energy will improve thermogenesis, which in turn increases the metabolic rate, burning fat at a greater rate. Studies have indicated that pyruvate supplementation may help with weight loss, and there is some evidence that it improves performance during exercise. Many formulations containing this substance market it as a "fat burner", because of its role in the metabolic process. When taken in the proper dosage, there are no known side effects.

Using pyruvate to increase metabolism and improve performance is an option that bodybuilders and weight loss patients may want to consider. It is available in pill form through nutrition stores and online suppliers. Of course, anyone with a medical condition such as diabetes or heart disease should consult a doctor before taking any supplements, as dangerous drug interactions are not uncommon.

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