Xenadrine Efx

Written by Jill Morrison
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Xenadrine EFX is the best selling diet supplement in America. It is used for weight loss, fat burning, muscle toning, and bodybuilding. By taking Xenadrine EFX, individuals reportedly lose weight more rapidly than dieting alone. Xenadrine EFX contains thermogenic ingredients that increase energy expenditures and metabolic rates. When combined with a healthy diet and active exercise program, Xenadrine EFX users will typically notice fantastic fitness results in a minimal amount of time.

Comparing Xenadrine EFX to Other Diet Supplements

Many diet supplements on the market contain ephedra in their formulas. Ephedra has proven to be very effective for stimulating weight loss. However, it can also cause a variety of harmful health effects. For instance, ephedra has been reported to cause heart damage, respiratory problems, depression, fever, vomiting, coma, paranoid psychosis, stroke, seizures, tachycardia, hypertension, heart attacks, and sometimes death.

The original Xenadrine RFA-1 formula, created by Cytodene, contained ephedra as its primary fat burning ingredient. When the risks of taking ephedra were realized, Cytodene began working on a new ephedra-free formula. Xenadrine EFX was the first ephedra-free diet supplement to show highly effective results in clinical studies. The new Xenadrine EFX formula contains safe and natural ingredients that produce little or no side effects, unlike supplements that contain ephedra.

Ingredients in the Xenadrine EFX Formula

Xenadrine EFX combines thermogenic compounds with a blend of natural herbs and vitamins. The most effective ingredient in the formula is Green Tea Extract. Green Tea is known to increase energy and jump start metabolic rates. It is also valuable because it is a powerful antioxidant that controls all harmful free radicals in the body. Green Tea can help to block cancer-causing carcinogens that can damage the stomach, lungs, liver, small intestine, or skin as well.

Tyrosine is another important ingredient in Xenadrine EFX. It is an amino acid that helps to lift overall mood and feelings. Tyrosine can help to relieve depression and stress levels that could potentially inhibit weight loss techniques. Yerba Mate is an ingredient that produces similar results. It is a mild form of caffeine that contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Yerba Mate aids with sleep problems and joint pains. It is also effective at boosting energy levels and alertness.

PEA, or Phenylethylamine, is another ingredient that increases attention and relieves depression. When moods and energy levels are lifted with ingredients found in Xenadrine EFX, individuals can experience a more uplifting and effective workout with greater fat burning results. Other ingredients that contribute to the effectiveness of Xenadrine EFX include Grape Seed extract, Bitter Orange, Ginger Root, Seropro, DMAE, and Tyramine. Xenadrine EFX also includes vitamins such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Pantothenic Acid, and Magnesium in its formula.

Taking Xenadrine EFX

A standard bottle of Xenadrine EFX contains 120 capsules and a standard serving size is two capsules. It is recommended that individuals take two capsules in the morning prior to a workout and two capsules in the afternoon. Xenadrine EFX users should never exceed more than four capsules per day to avoid complications. It is best to avoid taking Xenadrine EFX at night because it could inhibit sleep patterns. It is a good idea to take half of the recommended dose of Xenadrine EFX in the first week, especially for those who weigh 150 pounds or less. Taking half of the dose allows the body to adjust to the supplement gradually and allows for individuals to realize any side effects as well.

Xenadrine EFX is not recommended for individuals who are under the age of 18, pregnant, or nursing. Those who are at risk for high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism, renal disease, heart disease, migraines, psychiatric disease, asthma, or spasms should also avoid taking the supplement. Since Xenadrine EFX contains ingredients that are similar to ingredients found in chocolate, those who are allergic to chocolate or Tyramine should avoid taking the supplements as well. It is true that side effects from taking Xenadrine EFX are rare. However, individuals should understand the potential effects of supplement ingredients before taking them.

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