Xenadrine Efx Results

Written by Jill Morrison
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Xenadrine EFX is the number one selling diet supplement on the market. It is designed to increase metabolic rates and energy expenditures to promote dramatic reductions in weight while sparing lean muscle. The formula is made from thermogenic compounds and a blend of natural herbs and vitamins. Xenadrine EFX suggests that individuals will lose more weight with this supplement than dieting alone.

Analyzing Xenadrine EFX

Xenadrine EFX is the number one selling diet supplement in America because it contains safe and natural ingredients that can help individuals to lose weight. Studies and reviews of Xenadrine EFX have revealed that the product is highly effective for most people and that little or no side effects occur from using the product. Some possible side effects include rapid heartbeat, sweating, thirst, anxiety, shaking, or light headaches. In most cases, these side effects are not present while taking the product.

Xenadrine EFX is now considered to be safe because it does not contain ephedra. The original Xenadrine RFA-1 formula contained ephedra, but was discontinued when Xenadrine EFX was created. Many other diet pills use ephedra which is proven to be very effective for weight loss. However, ephedra can also cause a number of health problems, such as heart damage, depression, coma, fever, hypertension, respiratory failure, and even death.

Xenadrine EFX contains many natural ingredients that replace ephedra. Some diet supplement companies have simply replaced ephedra with ingredients that cause similar health effects. These ingredients may include guarana, hydroxycitic acid, kola nut, and chromium. Instead of misleading consumers, Xenadrine EFX has truly replaced ephedra with safe and natural ingredients such as Green Tea extract and vitamins.

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