Xenadrine Efx Reviews

Written by Jill Morrison
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Reviews of Xenadrine EFX have concluded that this diet supplement is a safe and effective alternative to diet supplements that contain ephedra. The Xenadrine EFX formula has replaced ephedra with natural ingredients such as vitamins, Green Tea extract, Grape Seed extract, Ginger Root, Bitter Orange, and Yerba Mate. In addition to these ingredients, the formula contains other thermogenic compounds such as Tyroplex, Seropro, Tyramine, PEA, and DMAE to aid in fat burning.

Green Tea is one of the most effective ingredients in the formula. It is proven to be a powerful antioxidant that blocks cancer-promoting carcinogens. Green Tea also helps to jump start metabolic rates and increase energy expenditures. Yerba Mate is another ingredient that stimulates energy levels. It is a gentle form of caffeine that also supplies 15 amino acids, vitamin, and minerals. PEA increases attention and relieves depression and Tyrosine provides a mood lift as well. With increased energy and alertness from taking Xenadrine EFX, subjects will have the opportunity to utilize more effective workouts and lose weight rapidly.

Results of Xenadrine EFX Studies

Numerous studies have been executed that test the safety and effectiveness of Xenadrine EFX. A study conducted by a leading independent laboratory concluded that fat loss was increased by 1,700 percent by those taking Xenadrine EFX over a placebo. Another clinical study concluded that Xenadrine EFX users lost 759 percent more weight than a placebo group in six weeks. In these studies, Xenadrine groups also achieved a more significant increase in lean muscle when compared with placebo groups.

Other clinical studies of Xenadrine EFX have concluded that Xenadrine EFX can raise metabolic rates by up to 13.41 percent. Subjects have also shown to lose more weight with Xenadrine EFX than subjects who have taken ephedra-based diet supplements. For instance, subjects burned five percent more calories with Xenadrine EFX than subjects who took Dexatrim Natural or Metab-O-Life. It is encouraging to know that the safest product on the market, Xenadrine EFX, is also the most effective in clinical studies.

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