Anti-candida Diet

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The basis of any strategy to overcome a candida infestation has to be some version of the anti-candida diet. Quite simply, without making adjustments to what you eat on a daily basis, you're unlikely to have much success with regaining your health. You will realize how important this is if you are suffering from a serious candida infestation. It can have you feeling really low and totally exhausted.

To begin with, candida is a yeast and it feeds on sugars and starches. This means that, sadly, you will have to put your sweet tooth on hold until you get candida under control. This is doubly difficult for most candida sufferers, simply because the chemical processes of candida in the system trigger cravings for sweet things that can be every bit as tough as cravings for addictive drugs.

To build the body and support the immune system, it's important that your anti-candida diet includes lots of fresh vegetables, eaten in their raw state. If possible these should be organic. Pesticides, because they are endocrine disruptors, will further compromise your system and make it even more susceptible to candida. If you can't get organic produce, then at least wash everything really well and soak it for 10 minutes in a vinegar solution to neutralize the chemicals.

Diet and Probiotics

The best anti-candida diet consists of nothing but fresh vegetables and high quality protein, such as meat, chicken and fish. Although dairy is generally not encouraged on a candida diet, you can eat as much cultured yogurt and buttermilk as you wish because they are helpful in fighting candida. You will need to follow this regimen for a period of at least three months.

This is roughly how long it takes to weed candida out of your system. Admittedly the diet is tough, which is why many candida sufferers turn to supplements, such as some kind of high quality probiotic, to speed the process up a little. Probiotics are supplements of healthy organisms that normally work to keep pathogens such as candida at bay in the system.

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Overcoming Candida

Its really hard to adjust your diet when you have a Candida...The sweets you love, getting rid of food you are graving...but then it would be helpful for Candida Treatment. Natural remedies are the best way for me, where its cheaper, effective and having no side effects.