Avlimil Side Effects

Written by Norene Anderson
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Avlimil side effects are continuing to be evaluated as this supplement is gaining in popularity for treating female sexual dysfunction. The most common complaint was a minor upset stomach after taking the Avlimil. No other symptoms have been documented.

The basic function of the supplement is to increase the blood flow and promote muscle relaxation. The idea is to enhance blood flow to the sex organs. Before taking this or any other non-prescription remedy, you should always discuss your problem with your physician. It is important to determine if the discomfort from or lack of desire for sexual activity has an underlying cause. Depression, stress, health issues, and many other conditions can result in a loss of desire for intimacy.

Minimal Avlimil Side Effects

Some natural herbs can interact with prescription drugs causing them to either act more rapidly or more slowly than normal. This is a possible side effect that has yet to be identified. Reports used in studies this far indicate satisfaction with the results with no identifiable side effects. If you are experiencing low or no sex drive, a natural supplement may be right for you.

One of the ingredients in Avlimil is the licorice root. It is reported to provide sexual stimulation by increasing the oxygen in the circulatory system. This increases vitality and endurance in the genital area enhancing sexual activity. Finding the right natural supplement may take time since it is often necessary to take a natural supplement for several weeks to realize the full effect.

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