Bioidentical Hrt

Written by Patricia Skinner
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For those women who have decided that hormone replacement therapy is not for them because of the risks, there is bioidentical HRT. You might think that it's something new because we're only just beginning to hear about it. This is not so. Bioidentical hormones have been around for a long time but until now they have always been passed up in favor of synthetic HRT, except by a few devotees.

Bioidentical HRT Experience

This means that there is a large body of evidence on which we can base our experience of bioidentical HRT. The truth is that it has a very good track record. The high incidence of cancer, heart disease and dementia (80 percent in older women) with the synthetic hormones does not apply to the bioidentical forms at all.

The reason so many women are now looking for alternatives, simply stated, is the result of the ill-fated Women's Health Initiative. This huge study to monitor the effects of synthetic HRT was halted in 2000 due to the findings, in order to limit any further dangers to women. A large number of women looking for a safe alternative have concluded that bioidentical HRT is a good choice for them.

It is important for everyone to realize that because it uses natural forms of estrogen and progesterone, bioidentical HRT does not pose the same risks as synthetic forms, like Premarin and Provera. These were actually the two medications being monitored in the Women's Health Initiative. Several high profile physicians have been working with the bioidentical female hormones for several decades. The most well known was Dr. John Lee, who began using bioidentical progesterone on his patients with huge success in the early 1970s.

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