Breast Enhancement Surgery

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Breast enhancement surgery is a controversial topic. Many women who opted for surgery because they felt timid or embarrassed by their small breasts consider their breast augmentation surgeries a blessing. These are the lucky women who picked good surgeons, were in excellent health, suffered no post-surgery setbacks, and ended up with natural looking breasts. Sadly, these lucky women are rather rare.

The Dangers of Breast Augmentation

Breast enhancement surgery, after all, is an inherently dangerous endeavor, as is any surgery. Anesthesia is necessary, but risky. There's a good reason anesthesiologists are so heavily insured. Anesthesiologists are much more likely to be sued than most other specialists, because going under general anesthesia is simply that risky. It is one of the most dangerous aspects of any major surgery.

Another danger of any surgery is infection. After breast enhancement surgery, a woman may suffer from infection and fever. Her breasts will probably be bruised, and may bleed. Surgery can permanently alter the sensitivity of her nipples, making them either much more or much less sensitive. Over-sensitivity and under-sensitivity each come with their own unique set of problems and disappointments.

In some instances, of course, surgery may be a necessity. Women who have had one or both breasts removed because of cancer, for instance, have fewer choices than women who simply want to increase their breast size or firmness for cosmetic reasons. After a mastectomy, a woman can either live with her new shape as it is, wear false breasts underneath her clothing, or undergo implant surgery. Other women are lucky enough to have the option of enhancement pills, which are gaining popularity year after year because of their effectiveness and safety.

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