Breast Lifts

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Some lucky women are perfectly content with the size and shape of their breasts, from puberty all the way through their 30s. However, many of these women become increasingly unhappy with the shape, feel and appearance of their breasts as ptosis sets in. Ptosis is breast sagging, and it has many causes. Aging, of course, most often leads to sagging breasts.

Pregnancy and breast feeding can radically change the shape of a woman's breasts, as well. Weight loss can change her shape, too. Tired skin that has lost its elasticity because of aging can no longer hold the heavy glands of the breasts in place. This is particularly true for women who habitually go without wearing a bra. Even if you wear a bra now, not wearing one during your youth may have already caused permanent damage.

What about Mastoplexy?

Many women who would never dream of having a breast enlargement are seeking out mastoplexy, or breast lifts. Well over 50,000 women undergo breast lifts each year, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The surgery may take one to three hours. Women can expect to return to work and their normal lives in about one week, unless they experience surgical or post-surgical complications.

Many women who fear the risks of plastic surgery but wish to once again enjoy the breast volume and breast density of their youth are now turning to natural remedies. The best of these natural remedies are breast enhancement pills. These pills are usually derived from plant estrogen, called phytoestrogen, which triggers activity in the woman's prostaglandins, and growth in her breast glands. Gland activity leads not only to larger breasts, but to firmer breasts.

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