Candida Albicans Thrush

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The commonest symptom of Candida Albicans is thrush. This is a painful rash that can appear inside the mouth, especially in newborn infants whose mothers suffer from candidiasis, or in the vagina or genital area. It is characterized by general redness and the appearance of white spots that can cover the tongue as well as the sides of the mouth. In infants, it can go on to develop into a particularly nasty type of diaper rash that is sometimes resistant to treatment.

Women most often develop vaginal thrush, and this is by far the commonest form of the complaint. It can cause intense itching, pain, pain on urination and a copious, white, cheesy discharge that will stain underclothing. Thrush is caused by an imbalance in the body's normal flora and this is most often triggered by antibiotics or exposure to drugs or chemicals that throw the endocrine system into disruption. Women using the pill often experience thrush on a regular basis, as can women using an IUD.

Thrush and Candidiasis

Recurrent vaginal thrush can be a serious problem. It can really affect the quality of your life, and although they don't realize it, sufferers often experience other manifestations of this yeast that are part of the larger candida syndrome. Often the symptoms appear unrelated, as, for example, you may be suffering from sinus problems and headaches, along with achy joints and vaginal thrush. In fact, they are all related, and there are many other symptoms that can also be caused by thrush.

There are drugs available to combat thrush, but for lasting effects you need to tackle the problem at source. This means starting with your diet. Cutting out sugars and starches will take you a long way towards your goal. This will be very difficult to begin with, but it does get easier once the cravings subside, as they will if you are persistent with your diet.

In addition, while keeping dairy foods to a minimum, eating yogurt or other cultured foods is excellent, providing they are live. Many commercial yogurts will not help you to replace the flora that will combat thrush or Candida simply because they contain no live organisms. Probiotics will work better if they are properly produced and stored, so that the organisms survive long enough to work. You can even use a probiotics capsule as a vaginal suppository to tackle your symptoms quickly.

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