Candida Control

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The unchecked growth of the candida yeast in the human body is the source of a lot of misery. It can cause a long list of physical symptoms if it turns into a fungus, as it swiftly does when conditions are right. In fact, it can even cause mental symptoms, such as severe depression, if steps are not taking to firmly control its growth.

Candida overgrowth is so often implicated in the development of multiple allergies that natural practitioners often suggest steps to limit and combat candida as a first step towards alleviating allergies. Allergies and sensitivities are so common with candida infestation that their presence is considered to suggest the presence of candida. This applies particularly if the sufferer cannot tolerate the smell of perfumes or chemical smells, especially petroleum products.

The Most Effective Candida Control

Stringent diet is the basis of all candida control. In fact, if your diet is full of junk food and sweets, and you need a couple of liters of soda every day just to get by, you can count yourself among those for whom candida is most likely an issue. Getting this confirmed may take some legwork. Not every lab does the tests that are required to confirm or eliminate the possibility of candida. If candida is confirmed, you should not only follow some form of anti-candida diet, but should also consider supplements of probiotics to replenish the body's friendly flora that naturally combat infestations such as candida.

One of the most effective microorganisms against candida is bacillus laterosporus BOD, which was discovered in Iceland originally. This strain of friendly flora has been found to be particularly helpful at supporting a healthy gut environment, which can be a first line of defense against not only candida, but other pathogens and health conditions too. Taking steps to establish a healthy gut flora can help with digestion problems, skin and hair conditions, all manner of aches and pains, and even general depression if it is primarily caused by candida.

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