Endometriosis And Miscarriages

Written by Amy Hall
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There is a definite link between endometriosis and miscarriages. A woman who has extensive scar tissue covering her reproductive organs has a much higher chance of miscarrying a pregnancy than a woman who does not have internal scarring. In the advanced stages of endometriosis, scar tissue and growths can penetrate the affected tissues more deeply, making the uterus an unsuitable environment for an implanted embryo.

When the fallopian tubes become almost completely obstructed because of scar tissue, adhesions, and cysts, then a fertilized egg may have trouble making its way to the uterus. The result is that the embryo implants itself inside the fallopian tube, resulting in an ectopic pregnancy. This can be very dangerous if the pregnancy develops and the fallopian tube bursts. All ectopic pregnancies end in a miscarriage, and in many instances, surgery is necessary to remove the growing embryo and the scar tissue simultaneously.

Many women suffer from multiple miscarriages before tests are performed to determine if endometriosis is the cause. Ironically, this progressive disease does not produce any symptoms in some women; therefore the internal damage to their reproductive organs carries on unnoticed. Until a woman has difficulty getting pregnant or staying pregnant, she may have no idea what is going on inside of her.

The Endometriosis and Miscarriage Link

If you have a family history of endometriosis, it may be wise to go on birth control pills as early as your teenage years, as this can prevent the onset of endometriosis symptoms altogether. Your doctor will best be able to advise you on this, but many specialists agree that birth control pills can keep the damage from endometriosis at bay until a woman is ready to become pregnant. Pregnancy also deters the development of endometriosis; so using birth control pills until you are ready to become pregnant may work to your benefit if you have this gynecological disease in your family.

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