Endometriosis Specialists

Written by Amy Hall
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Your gynecologist may recommend that you see an endometriosis specialist for further testing and treatment. Your gynecologist may perform a pelvic exam on you and/or an ultrasound that reveals cysts and internal scarring. In this case, he or she may find that you need specialized care with a doctor that has expertise in endometriosis.

If your doctor suggests you see a specialist, there is no need to panic. In most cases, he or she just wants to be sure that you are getting the correct care for your individual diagnosis. It is important to keep in mind that endometriosis affects all women differently. Some women develop this disease very early in life, while others do not succumb to this condition until their late thirties or early forties. Not all women exhibit signs of endometriosis either, while others experience every symptom in the book.

A specialist may decide to run some tests to further determine how advanced your endometriosis is. Like many diseases, endometriosis is diagnosed in stages, with stage one being the most mild form and stage four being the most severe form of the disease. If endometriosis hits stage four, surgery including a complete hysterectomy may be necessary to put an end to the chronic pain and discomfort.

Seeing an Endometriosis Specialist

As soon as you suspect a problem, see your doctor immediately. Even if you only notice cramping during your period that seems more painful than normal, it is wise to seek medical attention. A specialist may be brought in if your regular gynecologist suspects advanced endometriosis that may have spread to other organs, such as the bladder and colon. Although it may all seem a bit scary and overwhelming, you will likely feel much better when you have the facts and your doctor puts a plan into action with you. The devil that you don't know is much scarier than the devil that you do know. Therefore, learning all you can about your condition can help you deal with it more effectively.

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