Environmental Sensitivities

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Not many people know that experiencing environmental sensitivities can be a sign that you're suffering from candidiasis. One of the most common symptoms of a candida infestation is sensitivity, particularly to smells. The phrase "environmental sensitivities" somehow conveys the condition to be much less severe than it really is. Indeed, only someone who is afflicted by such sensitivities, or lives with someone who does, can fully appreciate the meaning of the phrase.

Sufferers from environmental sensitivities can be affected at any time, and by almost anything. Sometimes it is tobacco smoke. Sometimes it will be the smell of paint. It could be the glue a child is using. A new aftershave, perfume, or deodorant are other possibilities. Even soap can set off a reaction in sensitive people. The reaction itself can vary greatly from a strong feeling of discomfort to anaphylactic shock in someone who has developed a full blown allergy. This is life threatening and needs emergency medical attention.

Extreme Environmental Sensitivity

In extreme forms, environmental sensitivities may require that the sufferer completely reorganizes his or her lifestyle, which is obviously going to affect other members of the household too. Commonly, all scented products have to be eliminated. This will include shampoo, deodorant, soap, colognes, and cleaning items. Anything with a smell that causes a reaction will have to be weeded out. It can be very difficult but it must be done.

Next you need to tackle the condition itself. Since often, candida is at the root of these sensitivities, treating the sufferer for candida should produce an improvement in levels of sensitivity. For those who are lucky enough to eradicate all candida fungus from their system (not the yeast since in this form it is a normal inhabitant of the gut), sensitivities may disappear completely. Anyone who knows they have candidiasis will notice that sensitivities are always exacerbated by a candida flare up.

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