Estrogen Replacement Therapies

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Allopathic estrogen replacement therapies, while they were felt to be beneficial by a great number of women, are no longer encouraged as they once were by the medical profession. The reasons lie in the results of several large medical trials that have been held in the US. Several of these trials have been halted because of the seriousness of the findings.

It became apparent that artificial estrogen replacement therapies definitely carry with them an increased risk of cancer, heart disease and dementia. The studies were discontinued in order to avoid exposing any more women to the risks. However, many women are bewildered about what to do now that they have had this option effectively removed.

Problems With Estrogen Replacement Therapies

Too many women suffer from very unpleasant menopausal and PMS symptoms. Sometimes they are now told that their only options if they don't want to take regular HRT medication, are sleeping pills and tranquilizers. In any case these medications don't help that much; they certainly can't do much about hot flashes, for example.

There are, though, natural estrogen replacement therapies that can have a very beneficial effect, and which do not carry the risks associated with HRT. In fact, so many women have already discovered that, natural HRT can bring more benefits than the artificial kind. It can make you feel much more energetic and there are a number of other beneficial side effects that you don't get with artificial HRT.

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