Firmer Breasts

Written by Rylee Newton
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There are a number of different reasons why our breasts lose their firmness, including weight loss or gain, pregnancy, the aging process, and hormonal imbalances. As you know, the body is in a constant state of change. While you can't stop the body from doing what it wants to do, there are several things you can do to reverse your genetic tendencies.

Many women find lifting weights helps to increase the firmness of the breast area. When you lift weights properly you create a sleeker look to your entire body. When you increase the lean mass of your pectorals and abdominals, your upper body looks more tone, and also tends to look more proportionate. You can consult with a personal trainer to create a workout routine that focuses on firming and toning this area.

Herbal Supplements to the Rescue

Some women shy away from lifting weights because the end result is a bulky or masculine look. If you tend to build muscle quickly, you might want to consider other firming options. For some women, over the counter supplements help to increase firmness.

Many women resist hormone treatment because they don't want to deal with the side effects. The great thing about herbal supplements is their lack of side effects. Instead of flooding your system with estrogen and other hormones, these supplements work to activate your body's natural regenerative response. Many supplements create a puberty-like state that is conducive to the growth of breast cells and mammary glands.

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