Herbal Breast Enhancements

Written by Rylee Newton
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It's hard to imagine seeing an increase in breast size just from taking two to four herbal supplements a day, but many women have done just that. While results range from person to person, most women see some increase in breast size when they take natural enhancement pills.

One of the first things that happen when you start taking herbal supplements is a swelling of the mammary glands. This swelling typically takes place within the first four weeks of ingesting the supplements. For many women, this swelling makes the breasts feel firmer than they have in the past. The longer you take an herbal supplement, the greater the growth potential. Most people see an increase in cup size by the end of the eighth week.

FDA Approved Supplements

Herbal breast enhancements produce dramatic results without the pain and cost of plastic surgery. For some reason I always cringe when I hear that a women has had plastic surgery to change the look of her body. I always thought it was better to make changes through diet and exercise. Unfortunately, the only time I ever saw an increase in breast size was when I gained weight.

After reading testimonials and researching the ingredients in some of the herbal supplements on the market today, I can now say there are some safe products available to consumers. One of the best ways to ensure you're using the best possible products is to look for the Food and Drug Administration's seal of approval. The FDA holds manufacturers to the highest standards for product testing. In addition, the FDA provides consumers with a list of plant ingredients that are safe for consumption. It's a good idea check the ingredients in your herbal supplement to make sure they meet FDA standards for consumption.

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