Hot Flash Remedy

Written by Sarah Provost
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Which hot flash remedy will work best for you? There are many approaches to alleviating those annoying surges of heat and perspiration, from herbs to hormones. One hot flash remedy that is often overlooked, however, is acceptance. Hot flashes and some other symptoms of menopause are directly influenced by a woman's mental attitude.

Hot flashes are hardly subtle, but some of the causes are, and many of them are interrelated. Stress, for instance, is a major factor in the frequency and intensity of hot flashes. Hot flashes that disrupt your sleep lead to insomnia, which leads to mood swings and irritability, and those conditions increase your level of stress.

Fortunately, some of the changes in lifestyle that act as a hot flash remedy can also help with related conditions. Exercise reduces stress, helps fight insomnia and produces endorphins, which mellow out your mood swings. Exercise also helps you get your mind off your problems, which is a major aid in reducing hot flashes and other menopause symptoms.

Humor as a Hot Flash Remedy

It's important to remember that this condition is temporary, both hot flashes and menopause in general. A hot flash can last for mere seconds, and the average is under four minutes. It's uncomfortable and annoying, and can be embarrassing when it happens in public, but the less you allow yourself to be irritated, the more quickly it will pass. It's really no more disruptive than sneezing six times in a row. Keeping an accepting attitude and mustering up a little humor if you can will help. Acknowledge that you're "having a power surge" or "feeling uncool." Shrug it off as the trivial annoyance it is, and it will become more trivial each time.

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