Intestinal Endometriosis

Written by Amy Hall
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Intestinal endometriosis can cause excruciating symptoms that are hard to live with on a daily basis. Women who suffer from this gynecological disease face the possibility that the disease can spread to other organs within the abdominal cavity. Once the ovaries are affected, it is much more likely that the bladder, colon, kidneys, and intestines will also become affected unless this growth is intercepted via surgery or medicine.

When the intestines, (especially the lower intestines) become infiltrated with scar tissue, adhesions, and cysts, serious complications can occur. When the tissue of the intestines becomes too deeply penetrated by endometrial growths, occlusions can occur, causing infection or even a total shutdown of the organ. When the colon is affected, a woman can suffer from diarrhea, constipation, or painful bowel movements.

Signs that the intestines are affected by endometriosis include painful abdominal cramping, blood in the stool, painful bowel movements, and bouts of diarrhea and constipation that are worse during a woman's menstrual period. If you experience any of these symptoms, ask your doctor to perform tests to determine if your intestines are in fact damaged from endometrial growths and scar tissue. A laproscopy may be performed to give the doctor a precise picture of your intestines and the extent of the damage.

Surgery for Intestinal Endometriosis

In some cases, the intestines are attached to other organs via endometrial adhesions. Surgery is really the only viable option at this point, as scar tissue will need to be removed to separate the intestines from the other organs. Surgery is highly successful at returning the intestines back to normal functioning, and previous symptoms should be minimized or even eliminated. If you have endometriosis, it is important that you keep an open line of communication with your doctor, as he or she will be able to advise you best on the current treatments for this disease.

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