Menopause And Sex Drive

Written by Patricia Skinner
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There is much misconception about menopause and sex drive. It is a total fallacy, for example, that all women lose interest in sex the minute they hit menopause. To the contrary, a large number of women begin to enjoy their marital relationship for the first time once they no longer have to worry about getting pregnant. For some women, however, libido suddenly and inexplicably disappears and its loss is sorely missed.

Hormonal Effects on Menopause and Sex Drive

This can leave many couples feeling bewildered. They can't understand what happened. One minute things were fine, and seemingly instantaneously, they weren't okay anymore. The cause is usually a minute quantity of testosterone, which in most women is enough to keep the marriage relationship very cozy indeed.

For some reason, a percentage of menopausal women cease to produce this testosterone. The loss of testosterone can have other devastating effects too, such as loss of muscle tone for example. Many women are incredulous that such a tiny amount of male hormone can have such a huge impact on menopause and sex drive. Ascertaining the cause of the problem though, is not enough to solve it.

Positive action is needed to balance the hormones. Many women don't want to take synthetic HRT, for safety reasons now. Did you know that there is a natural equivalent of HRT though? Natural bioidentical hormones can have a wonderful effect on the way you feel and a very positive impact on menopause and sex drive. They can do this because natural progesterone, a component of natural HRT, can be converted to testosterone in the body, as and when needed. This is the safest way of doing it because too much male hormone can be worse than not enough.

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