Menopause Herbal Remedy

Written by Sarah Provost
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Which menopause herbal remedy is best for you? With increasing reports about the risk levels of traditional hormone replacement therapy, many women are turning to herbal remedies for symptoms of menopause. Each menopause herbal remedy is specific to a particular symptom, so most women who do use herbs for relief take several of them.

Menopause Herbal Remedy: Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are the most overt symptom of menopause and perimenopause, and about 80 percent of all women suffer from them for at least a short time. Fortunately, several herbs can be helpful in alleviating this bothersome symptom. The herbs most commonly used to hot flashes are dong quai (Chinese angelica) and Black Cohosh. Evening primrose oil also has properties that relieve hot flashes, but it is not recommended because it can have negative side effects.

You can choose from among several herbs to help with mood swings, irritability, anxiety and insomnia. St. John's wort, Valerian root, hops, and kava are all effective. Unlike some over-the-counter sleep aids, they can be used without risk of dependency. However, you should consult your physician before using any menopause herbal remedy, since they may interact with other medications.

Due to vascular constriction to the brain, some women experience mental fogginess or forgetfulness following menopause. Both Ginko biloba and hawthorn have been shown to have some effectiveness in increasing mental acuity. Both herbs, however, can have a thinning effect on the blood, so they should NOT be used if you are already taking blood thinners. They should also be stopped at least 36 hours before any surgery. Consult your physician before using these herbs if you have any history of heart problems.

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