Menopause Hot Flash

Written by Sarah Provost
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Menopause hot flashes are probably the most common--and most annoying--symptom of the natural process of ending fertility. They can strike anywhere, anytime--though they seem to prefer the middle of an important meeting or just as you're getting into a really sweet dream. Although menopause hot flashes are not physically damaging in and of themselves, they can be debilitating.

Two of the worst side effects of hot flashes are insomnia and depression, and these two conditions feed on each other. The less sleep you get, the more likely you are to be depressed, and depression can be a factor in insomnia. In this kind of chicken-and-egg situation, it doesn't matter which is the primary cause: the effect is that you're not having much fun.

Treatment for Menopause Hot Flashes

There are several approaches to treating menopause hot flashes. Hormone replacement and antidepressants may be part of a prescription drug regimen. Because it often takes several weeks for these medications to take effect, and because combinations of drugs and appropriate dosages sometimes take a lot of trial and error, it is very important that you work closely with your healthcare provider.

Vitamins, herbal remedies, over-the-counter sleep aids, even acupuncture can provide some relief from hot flashes. However, two of the most effective treatments are also the easiest: lifestyle changes and attitude management. Eating a balanced diet high in soy is a major first step, since soy contains phytoestrogens, plant substances that mimic the action of human estrogen. Getting enough exercise is also important;.it helps your circulation and combats insomnia. Adjusting your attitude to hot flashes isn't all that easy, but it's very effective. The more flustered, embarrassed or irritated you get, the worse the flushing and perspiration become. Try to ride it out as you would any temporary affliction, such as brain freeze or a bout of sneezing. Or you could think of hot flashes as nature's way of telling you that even though you're fiftyish, you're still one hot mama!

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