Menopause Hot Flashes

Written by Patricia Skinner
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If menopause hot flashes are really beginning to get you down, but you don't want to go the route of artificial HRT, then you might want to start considering some of the great natural alternatives that we now have available. To be accurate though, it is necessary to mention that natural alternatives to HRT have always been there, but in general we've been too busy looking at artificial alternatives to give them any serious consideration. This is a great shame.

Help with Menopause Hot Flashes

Wild yam cream, for example, has been giving women relief from menopause hot flashes for many years now. The thing is that wild yam is gentler on the body, and so a little slower to work sometimes. It does work, however, and doesn't bring with it the risks associated with artificial hormone replacement either.

Natural, and that means nature identical, progesterone from any source would be a useful weapon against menopause hot flashes. Wild Yam is the most common source, but other major sources include soy. Plants are an excellent source of this important hormone that plays so many different roles in the body.

Other supplements that can be used to help alleviate menopause hot flashes include vitamin E. Vitamin E has a number of additional uses for use by menopausal women. It can help keep the skin in good condition, and more importantly, keeps the heart healthy too. Dong quai is another valuable supplement in combating hot flashes, as is black cohosh.

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