Menopause Information

Written by Sarah Provost
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Menopause information is readily available from a variety of sources. If you're reading this, you are probably well aware of the hundreds of web sites on the topic. Which ones will give you the menopause information you need?

Start with the most general sites, such as medical references, health sites provided by your Internet server, and government sources. You can generally count on these sites to be factual and unbiased. You can also search the sites that are dedicated to menopause in general. A good way to tell whether a site is unbiased is to see what it says about hormone replacement therapy.

Menopause Information: Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy can relieve the symptoms of menopause, but it is not without its risks. An increased chance of breast cancer is one of the most widely known. On the other hand, hormone replacement therapy is also known to provide some protection against heart disease and osteoporosis. If the website doesn't give information on both sides of the question, you should research further.

Another source for menopause information is to search by symptoms or by remedies. A search for "hot flashes," for instance, will turn up a myriad of sites. Bear in mind, though, that many of these sites are sponsored by the companies that produce a particular remedy, and therefore are not likely to be unbiased. Searching from the most general information to the most specific will provide you with a wide range of menopause information. Remember, though, to discuss all this with your healthcare provider.

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