Menopause Product Reviews

Written by Sarah Provost
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Menopause product reviews generally fall into two categories. Information about both synthetic and natural menopause products can be found on general health sites or those dedicated specifically to menopause. These menopause product reviews usually consider one ingredient at a time, under the generic name. For instance, you might find a review of Black Cohosh.

The second type of menopause product reviews is found on sites sponsored by the manufacturers of specific products. These may include reprints or excerpts of reviews published in other places, or they may be reviews contributed by consumers. They will review products by brand name, so for instance, a product might contain Black Cohosh along with several other ingredients.

Sponsored Sites Are Not the Best Source for Menopause Product Reviews

Generally speaking, you will find more unbiased information on sites maintained by health organizations, government information pages, medical reference guides, and general menopause sites than on those sponsored by specific products. Consumer reviews are particularly suspect, since people who are dissatisfied with the product are less likely to write in. And even if they did, the site is not likely to print negative comments.

The best source for information about menopause products is a healthcare professional you trust. In the past, many women were not given a choice by physicians, who felt synthetic hormones were the treatment of choice and refused to consider alternative or nontraditional treatments. These days, however, most physicians are more open to and informed about alternative products. If your healthcare provider is not willing to discuss alternatives with you, find one who is both knowledgeable and open-minded.

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