Menopause Relief

Written by Norene Anderson
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Menopause relief is a major concern for millions of women. The standard medical hormone replacement therapy is estrogen. Estrogen is comprised of a group of hormones. Replacement is available in pills and patches. Studies are indicating possible contraindications for taking prescription hormone replacement.

Natural estrogens are growing in use especially with the generation so concerned about staying healthy, exercising, and avoiding the chemical substances many prescription drugs contain. These natural estrogens are available in many combinations. You can choose from oral, transdermal, and vaginal applications. Different options provide a different level of relief. Be sure to read the indications on each.

Menopause Relief Is Possible

Changes in lifestyle may provide menopause relief. Smoking is a major inhibitor for the distribution of estrogen in the body. A balanced exercise program is essential for whole body health. It helps with weight control, mental fatigue, anxiety, and stress. An intake of soy has been shown to increase the estrogen level. For some women, this is enough to relieve the discomfort of the hot flashes.

It is most important to remember that menopause is a natural process that is inevitable for every woman. It is not an illness. The symptoms are manageable and even avoidable if the right intervention is followed. Your healthcare provider is the best place to start for the right kind of treatment. Discuss all alternatives with him or her, develop a plan, and enjoy the rest of your life.

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