Menopause Relief Information

Written by Sarah Provost
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Menopause relief information is available from a wide variety of sources. Websites, books, magazine articles, talk shows, even audio and video tapes focus on the topic. And as the baby-boomer tsunami hits fifty, menopause, once a subject talked about only with one's women friends and one's doctor, is being discussed in an increasingly public forum.

Where Can I Find Reliable Menopause Relief Information?

Having found this site, you are already aware of the plethora of websites devoted to the topic. The problem that arises is, how can you know what information is reliable and trustworthy? There are a couple of questions you can ask yourself that can help you gauge the usefulness of any menopause relief information you might find.

Does the information provide a balanced view of controversial treatments? If herbs are recommended, is there information regarding possible interactions and side effects? When hormone replacement therapy is discussed, does it clearly explain both the risks and the benefits? Does the article make generalized, wide-ranging claims, or does it mention that an individual's medical and family history must be taken into account?

Does the article have a vested interest in promoting one aspect of menopause relief information? Government and university studies, medical reference works and sites devoted to menopause itself rather than any one specific remedy are generally the most unbiased sources. Remember that sponsored sites are primarily advertisements for the products they are selling, although many do provide a wealth of information. Finally, remember that the treatment of menopausal symptoms, whether by prescription drugs, vitamins, herbal remedies or any other means, should be discussed with your primary healthcare provider.

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