Menopause Supplements

Written by Patricia Skinner
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We traditionally think of menopause supplements as being vitamins alone. Indeed, vitamin supplements are very important for supporting optimal health throughout menopause period. There are many different kinds of supplements that can be used to keep menopause symptoms at bay though.

A Look at Traditional Menopause Supplements

Some traditional menopause supplements of a herbal nature include black cohosh, wild yam and dong quai, to name just a few. There is a wide range of herbs and other substances that can help relieve menopausal headaches, cool down hot flashes, calm emotional periods, and even cure insomnia. No wonder so many women reach for the herbs during menopause.

Women in different cultures have had their favorite menopause supplements since time immemorial. Now, thanks to the Internet, the world is getting smaller and we can all share this information so that as many women as possible can get relief from natural sources. Of course, as no two women are alike, we will all have different tricks to help us get over this time that can be so difficult for some.

Largely due to this valuable pooling of information, we can now find lots of great menopausal supplements that include many different herbs from all over the world. We truly can have the best of all worlds when treating our menopause symptoms naturally. When combined with a healthy diet and lifestyles, some of these supplements can enable us to experience a serene and happy menopause.

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