Menopause Symptoms

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Many women reaching their middle years suddenly find themselves suffering from menopause symptoms so diverse that they wonder if they're going mad. Memory loss, emotional outbursts, phantom aches and pains, crashing fatigue and insomnia. . .and the list goes on. When finally someone tells them that it's all "normal," women are not always relieved. It can sometimes be overwhelming to consider that you might spend 15 years of your life suffering such distressing symptoms.

It's at this point that many women start researching solutions to their menopause symptoms. The lucky ones go in the direction of natural help. Vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements can make a world of difference to the way a menopausal woman feels about the world and about herself.

Relieving Menopause Symptoms

In addition, if she avails herself of other supplements too, such as natural progesterone for example, and undertakes regular exercise, she can expect to stay looking and feeling good indefinitely. Staying interested in life and keeping up social connections and activities is an essential part of a healthy menopause. All the vitamins and herbs in the world, no matter how good they are, won't do much good if your morale is not good.

Some unlucky women are written prescriptions for tranquilizers and artificial hormone replacement therapy as the only help they get with their menopause symptoms. This section of the menopausal population often finds that instead of getting better, their symptoms go from bad to worse. Artificial solutions are no solution at all, particularly in the long run.

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